Ecology and a love of wild environments have always been a source of fascination for me. But the connection between my love and concern for wildlife and the health of the planet and my music did not occur fully until the 1990s. A trip to the Galapagos Islands, and a re-immersion in the journals of the co-discoverers of natural selection, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace, sparked a surprising flood of musical ideas.

The desire to evoke the beauty of the earth through music -- and fears about the hugely destructive human footprint on wild ecosystems -- did not originate with me. But I have found a source of creative energy in my reactions to visiting rainforests, reefs and mountains, and in my fear that these environments might be permanently lost.

The best writers in the fields of naturalism, environmentalism and wildlife biology evoke a sense of deep wonder and appreciation for the natural world. As a reader and a traveler, that energy keeps finding its way into my music. Perhaps in some small way, listeners can rediscover their own connection to the natural world. My small contribution to that connection is to donate a portion of the proceeds from my CDs to organizations such as the Galapagos Conservancy and the Nature Conservancy.